Monday, 13 April 2015

Prefold Nappy & Wrap

Prefold nappies can also be called flat nappies and are usually the most economical option. 8 wraps and 24 prefolds is usually sufficient for full time use. 

Set up: You don't need to do much to set up a flat nappy until you are changing baby's nappy. Inserts and wraps are usually stored in two baskets, drawers or shelves.

Change: The prefold is firstly set up and put inside the wrap or secured on baby using a nappy nippa. The wrap is then put on over the prefold and closed with velcro or snaps.

Laundry: The prefold is washed each time but the wrap can be used a number of times before needing to be washed.

The wrap will be made entirely of waterproof materials and will air dry very quickly. Prefolds can be opened out and air dried or since there is no elastic or PUL these can usually be machine dried. Extra prefolds means you can use cloth nappies on a full time basis with a small number of wraps. Brands vary but typically 24 prefolds and 8 wraps is sufficient for full time use. (3:1 is an approximate ratio for wraps to prefolds.)

Inserts and Boosters:
Prefolds do not necessarily need to match the brand of your wraps -you can mix and match. Boosters of your liking can be added to the prefold as necessary.

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