Monday, 13 April 2015

2 and 3 part systems

2 part systems (Eg. Flip, Gnappies, Best Bottoms, Grovia Hybrid) You reuse the outer shell or cover several times and only need to change the insert - as long as it's just wet.
  • with a flip you slide the insert into place
  • with Grovia & Best Bottoms there's a popper and you click them in
  • with Gnappies there is a pouch to keep the insert in place
There's less washing with these, less bulk to lug about in a changing bag and they tend to be a slimmer fit, though they may need changing more often and if you have a baby who poos a lot then the advantage of not having to change the outer shell may not actually happen! Hybrids can also be used with disposable inserts which are very popular and handy for holidays.Each of these systems differs so you cannot mix and match.
Brands vary but typically 24 fitted nappies and 8 wraps is sufficient for full time use. (3:1 is an approximate ratio for wraps to prefolds.)

Set up: You will need to put your two parts together -snap on or put in place nappy until you are changing baby's nappy. You can leave  this until you are changing baby's nappy but setting up beforehand can be an advantage when others will be changing nappies too.

Change: The nappy is put on baby and closed with velcro or snaps.

Laundry: The idea of these systems is that inserts can be changed and outer covers reused but that will depend on whether or not the outer part remains clean when there is a dirty nappy -there are no guarantees. Outer covers can often be rinsed or wiped off in an emergency.

The outer cover will usually be made of waterproof material and will air dry very quickly. Inserts can be air dried or (since there is no elastic or PUL) they can also be machine dried. Extra inserts means you can use cloth nappies on a full time basis with a small number of covers.

Inserts and Boosters:
Inserts are not interchangeable between these brands though covers can sometimes be used over other nappies without having been snapped in. Boosters of your liking can usually be added as necessary.

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